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About Us


To be a premier internationally recognized University distinguished for its teaching, research, and innovation.


To transform and sustainably contribute to society through teaching; research and innovation; knowledge creation, application and outreach.

Core Values

  • Excellence in teaching, research, and innovation
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability


In association with the brand name Tom Joseph Mboya, our mandate is facilitating the creation, sharing, effective exploitation and utilization of knowledge for the greatest wellbeing of society (within the framework articulated by law and its statutes).

Strategic Objectives

  • To create a conducive environment for education, research and outreach;
  • To design, develop and put in place the highest quality teaching, research and outreach programmes and services;
  • To put in place the talented human resource capacity and capability to deliver the highest quality products and
  • To develop and expand the financial, infrastructural and knowledge resources of the University;
  • To enhance and promote outreach and collaborativearrangements; and
  • To put in place and make operational an appropriate governance, leadership and organizational culture.