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How to Apply

Applications for admission to Tom Mboya University College must be made using official application forms which can be collected from the Office of Registrar (Academic) or from download section.

All duly filled application forms must be returned to the stated office. 



International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) is the world’s leading computer skills certification. To date more than 15 million people have engaged with the ICDL programme, in over 100 countries though ICDL Accredited Test Centers(ATCs).

Tom Mboya University College is now an Accredited Test Center (ATC) for ICDL certification programs. The ICDL provides the skills that you need to succeed for employability. 

Create your ICDL Profile today by joining other ICDL candidates at the Tom Mboya University College and choose from our flexible schedule depending on your flexibility. Our State of the art facilities and hands-on training will gear you towards certifying your computer skills to the international standard.

 The programme is made of three module sets as listed below:


Digital skills for employability and productivity. Most jobs now require some level of digital skills. This requirement continues to grow, even in sectors considered traditional or non-technical. Online tools and mobile apps today perform a huge range of functions which were once paper-based. The workplace is digital, and in today’s competitive environment, employers highly value digital skills. Having the certified ability to use devices and tools confidently and productively is an effective way for workers to set themselves apart.

ICDL Workforce is designed to build the digital skills of the modern workplace. These modules will help employees and candidates demonstrate their effective use of technology with skills and knowledge that can be further developed by progressing to the ICDL Professional modules and beyond.

The modules available for this programme are as follows:

       Essential Skills Modules

  1. Computer and Online Essentials
  2. Application Essentials
  3. Tablet Essentials Plus
  4. Office Applications Modules

a)     Documents

b)    Spreadsheets

c)     Presentations

d)    Teamwork

Good Practice Modules

Cyber Security

Data Protection

Remote Work


Digital skills for occupational effectiveness.

ICDL Professional is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors and develops an advanced level of skills for those with technology reliant roles. From the use of business applications to the fundamentals of advanced technologies, these skills allow them to manage different types of workload as well as collaborate with technical teams.

The modules available for this programme are as follows:


Creative Modules

  1. Spreadsheets (Advanced)

  2. Documents (Advanced

  3. Websites

  4. 2D Design

  5. 3d Design

  6. Image Editing


Entrepreneurial Modules

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Project Planning

  3. eCommerce

  4. CRM Systems


Computational Modules

  1. Financial Spreadsheets

  2. Data Analytics

  3. Management Spreadsheets

  4. Coding Principals



Digital understanding for business managers.

Organizations are being exposed to an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced technology landscape. Service providers and consultants, the media, and policy makers are constantly promoting or discussing emerging technologies that may have a substantial – and systemic – impact on our economies and societies. As individuals and as employees, we need to be informed about what technologies are likely to have the most impact, as well as their underlying concepts and potential. This will help us to be informed – and will help our organizations make informed choices.

These short, introductory modules provide the conceptual understanding to allow managers who are not IT professionals to consider the potential of technology and have informed conversations with IT professionals or specialists.

The modules available for this programme are as follows:

Trending and Emerging Technology Modules

  1. Cloud Computing

  2. Big Data

  3. Blockchain

  4. Industry 4.0

  5. Internet of Things


All the programmes contain a range of modules which can be combined to create a unique ICDL Profile. The syllabus content of each module is supported by high-quality eLearning materials that establishes core concepts, gives practical examples of implementation, and provides opportunities for reflection.







ICDL Single Module


14 days

ICDL Profile Pack


90 days

ICDL Workforce(Beginner Level)


30 days

ICDL Professional (Intermediate Level) 


30 days

ICDL Insights (Advanced Level)


30 days




The following shall be facilitated through a skillbox account created for each candidate:

  1. E-learning

  2. Instructor Led (On Request)

  3. E-books

Students are required to successfully complete their courses and partake an invigilated online exam in order to get their ICDL certificates. 


Prepared by:

ICT Department

27 NOV 2020