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Tom Mboya University is the premier Blue Economy Training Hub in the region. The University, together with academic partners, has established a German Language Training Center that is has the mission of training participants in the German language to equip them for various tasks that require the use of the language.  

The University will partner with several other institutions in Kenya and Europe to actualize the Kenya Government vision of equipping Kenyans with skills to work Abroad. Tom Mboya University intends to act as the Hub in equipping Kenyans to work in the Blue Economy sector in Europe and many other sectors that are covered in various Labour Migration Agreements.

German Language is spoken in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. By enrolling in the Language Center at  Tom Mboya University, you will be equipped to meet the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL): Learning, teaching, assessment to the B1 level.  

This is the basic level needed to attain a work Visa in  Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. However, for studies in University and other specific professions one needs B2 and C1 certification. Tom Mboya University will arrange for the extra level training.

In addition, the University shall partner with several German-based Ausbildung (Apprenticeship) institutions that will allow participants select the kind of vocation they would like to be engaged in, and start basic training in them. The establishment of these programs shall be communicated in due course. Intake

Intakes into the program are staggered after every 2 months. To apply for admission into any of the levels, please use the respective links below: 

Apply for Level A1: Level A1 Application Form

 Apply for Level A2: Level A2 Application Form

 Apply for Level B1:  Level B1 Application Form

Training Fees

Fees for various training levels is as indicated below:

  1. Level A1; Level A2; or Level B1 only                   27,000/=
  2. Level A2 to A2 or Level A2 to B1                         27,000/=
  3. Level A1 to B1                                                     80,000/=     

Examination and Certification:

After completing the course, participants will have the chance to take the B1 German language exam. This exam is conducted by examination bodies that are recognized by the German government. The certification is globally recognized, and it will significantly increase the graduates' employability. However, please note that there will be a separate cost for this external examination. This cost should be paid directly by the course participants to the examining body.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please direct them to

Tom Mboya University

P.O. Box 199-40300 Homa Bay Town Tel: 0746401706