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Research & Collaborations

The ongoing Research work by academic staff and collaborations at Tom Mboya University College include:

  • The International Centre of Excellence in Malaria Research Project (ICEMR), collaboration between Tom Mboya University College and University of California, Irvine, of the United States of America.
  • TMUC, Thika Way Investment Limited and DBFZ of the Republic of Germany.
  • Cotton Victoria Project supported by the Federal Republic of Brazil through Brazillian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and Federal University of Lavras (UFLA).
  • Greenhouse Technology Development Project implemented by Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in collaboration with Tom Mboya University supported from United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • National Research Fund (NRF) 2019/2020 FY Funded Multidisciplinary Research, Collaborating Institutions: TMUC, JOOUST, Maseno and Agri seed Company LTD
  • TMUC, Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)