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Faculty Of Mathematcis And Statistics

Contact Information

Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics
P.O. Box 199-40300
C19, Homabay, Kenya

Tel: +254 746401706
Fax: +254 746401703

The Faculty of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science focuses on teaching and research programs which, besides ensuring a rational exploitation of the vast natural resource potential also offers opportunities for scientific innovations for job creation and employment in the public and private sector as well as self- employment.

The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science is to be a strong and outstanding centre for the teaching, development and promotion of mathematics and allied disciplines to support sustainable economic development society, striving at all times for relevance in teaching and research and excellence among staff and students. The Faculty pursues broad interests, bringing together a range of expertise with focus on application of mathematics to human resource development; and research in mathematics and allied disciplines and a focus on the conservation of natural resources and the integration of environmental issues.


Our mandates are:
1. To promote and optimize the role of mathematics in all aspects of national growth and development.
2. To produce skilled and competent manpower capable of independent thinking and creativity.
3. To achieve and maintain the highest academic standards among staff and students.
4. To promote the development of post-graduate studies in all areas of focus in the Faculty.
5. To promote research-based teaching and learning.
6. To promote the creation of a user-friendly information society.
7. To promote/enhance interdisciplinary co-operation.
8. To promote co-operation between units of the Faculty and national and international institutions, agencies and individuals interested in the advancement of mathematics education, the utilization of technology and conservation and sustainable of natural resources.
9. To facilitate the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure and facilities in all units of the Faculty for effective teaching and research.